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Painting, come radon chime

Exhibition : Friday 20 May - Saturday 28 May

Open 11am - 5pm Fri/Sat (or by appointment)


Opening event, Saturday 21 May, 2-6pm. All very welcome

Painting, come radon chime comprises a group of paintings, a single piece of furniture, a portal, and a new

site-specific sound installation, by artist Christopher P. Green

The selection marks both Green’s commitment to painting and his ongoing fascination with its relationship to sound

and music. Several of the works highlight the contrasts that Green has experienced in Cornwall, specifically its more

wild, less polished landscapes and its known high radioactivity, compared with the much more conservative tradition

of the regularly-timed chimes that ring out from the village church opposite his studio.

Green’s practice is concerned with revision and reinterpretation through the making of paintings and exhibitions.

His polymorphic paintings cross-pollinate, by way of his faded recollection of past work, or in some cases, the

physical transfer of one painting’s content to another. In Painting, come radon chime, the concept of

painting-as-composition is made literal with the inclusion of a large scale ‘portal’ that occupies a partition wall.

In 2013, Green resolved that he mostly wanted to make small paintings, arriving at the size of 24 x 15 cm. He found it

to be a way to ‘loosen things up’, where, he described, he could ‘throw all sorts of ideas onto them and the set size

would hold them together’. Where some might be intimidated working to this limited scale, Green finds their intimacy

liberating. Working on 3-5 paintings at a time, he tries to ‘keep them all moving’, and where some come together in a

matter of a few days, others can take years: ‘there’s a past-present working relationship active in the present’.

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Christopher P. Green (b. 1983, Dorset) currently lives in Gulval, Cornwall. Recent exhibitions include The Blue Mask,

Alma Zevi, London; O Sole Mio, curated by Ziba Ardalan, Parasol unit foundation for contemporary art, London;

Studio Show, 41/42, St Ives; On Board II, curated by Holly Willats, Espacio Vista, Madrid; Display, Giorgio Mastinu,

Venice; Works clockwise from entering studio - Part Two, Material, Mexico City; Essays in varying lengths, Wolfson

College, Oxford.

In 2011 Green co-founded L.I.E, an independent arts library in Plymouth, whose collection is now housed at 41/42,

Cornwall. In 2006 he co-founded Lyndhurst Way, an artist-run exhibition space, in Peckham, London (2006-2007).

Green’s most recent book Professional Salad Vol. 1, a 212 page artists' book-cum-monograph spanning years

2006-2018, was published in 2018.

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