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Group Exhibition : The Redruth Albany Club 

Friday 1 June, 9pm – Midnight

Saturday 2 June, 11am – 4pm 



Sovay Berriman - Naomi Frears -  Liam Jolly - Dean Knight - Patrick Lowry 

Alice Mahoney - Jacqui Orly - Ro Robertson – SHARP - Andy Webster



Auction House is an artist led project space in the heart of Redruth. Established in 2018 by artist Liam Jolly, its aim was to provide space for artists to quietly experiment and test ideas. Since then, it’s developed into providing a vital platform for projects and public exhibitions of contemporary art, by emerging and established artists, from Cornwall and beyond. 


Situated within the Buttermarket at the top of Station Hill, the venue is currently closed for 12 months while a major renovation project takes place at these historic buildings. Having observed that many AH regular visitors, repeat visitors, and those that engage and ask the most questions, are often people from the town, a plan was devised to use this fallow period as an opportunity to take the work we do directly out into the community.


This is a chance to not only test how work performs in these alternative settings, away from a classic white cube, but more importantly to place the work of these artists directly in dialogue with the local community. It’s hoped to be a way to further conversations around contemporary art and promote the excellent work that is happening within the town right now. 


So here we are at our first stop, the Redruth Albany Club, our neighbours at the bottom of the hill. We would like to thank them for hosting us this weekend. Their enthusiasm to stage a contemporary art show in their club house was inspiring. Just like us, they also want to communicate what they do to a wider audience, and engage the community, but also just like us, make it clear that all are very welcome. 


As this is the first of several events like this planned, it seemed only right to invite artists that are working within the town right now (we appreciate this only represents a fraction) and were delighted how everyone jumped at the chance. All have gone above and beyond, so thank you artists. 


The work here is diverse, critical, serious, subtle and often funny. Test works, old works, work in response to the venue, performance and intervention. We hope you enjoy all that the Redruth Albany Club has to offer!

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