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The End (For Now)

Exhibition : Thursday 18 August - Saturday 20 August

Open 11am - 5pm Thur/Fri/Sat 

Opening Event : Friday 19 August, 6pm-9pm

The End (For Now) explores not only a personal passing of time, but a journey through technology and mediums of storytelling. The works expand a film archive that has developed over decades from a revisited collection of individual and shared intimate family memories.

The photographic stills are augmented through c-type prints, digitally printed fabric, audio soundscape and Generative Poetry Intervention. The double media filter enhances the 8mm and VHS grain captured in the photographs; the black borders, which give no sense of spatial placement, push the images further into the past. While abstracted memories surface as captured stills in print show family life with intimate recollection.

Suzannah Pettigrew is a multidisciplinary artist living and working in London. Pettigrew’s practice explores the collective / singular experience and exchange between online / offline realities in post-human society, examining our socio-dependant relationship with technology and our evolution with it. Adapting a multitude of mediums including video, photography, performance, text, installation to interrogate the systems, imagery and language we use to communicate and receive information in our contemporary landscape. Pettigrew’s practice consists of autonomous and collaborative works, including ongoing posthumous projects. 

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