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Panther red on pink & gold support cut 40cm x 32cm.JPG


Polyester, Painting & Panthers

Friday 17 & Saturday 18 December

11-5pm Fri, 11-6pm Saturday with live auction from 4pm 


During his second module of MA painting at Plymouth College of Arts, artist Tim Ridley has been tranferring a series of oil sketches made from a single Panther reference image onto found clothing.


The dye sublimation works best on clothing with over 65% polyester in the fibres. There’s a tension here, polyester is made from petrochemicals and although cheap and versatile, at the moment there’s no system for large scale reuse or safe decomposition.

In ‘Polyester, Painting and Panthers’, Ridley will host a symposium on Thursday 16 December that seeks to open up a dialogue around the ethics and future of animals, polyester and painting. Following the symposium will be an exhibition of these works and series small scale paintings, culminating with a live auction of these garments from 4pm on Saturday 18th raising moment for the Cornwall Wildlife Trust

Image: Tim Ridley, Panther, red on pink & gold support cut 40cm x 32cm (detail) 2021

Image: Tim Ridley, Black panther on pink oil on hardboard 45cm x 32cm. 2021

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