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1 - 30 September 2018

In October 2017 year mining historian Stephen Polglase led a field trip with Anthony Bryant through the mining landscape of Great Work and Tregonning Hill as part of the 2017 Cornwall Workshop, the fourth in the series of artist-led residential workshops organised by CAST and held at Kestle Barton. When asked how miners would prospect for tin, and how they knew when they had found it, he referred to a saying used by Cornish miners to describe the unpredictable nature of their hunt: ’Where it is, there it is’. 

The phrase resonated amongst the group of artists, curators and writers participating in the workshop, suggesting parallels with making art – an activity that involves intuition, knowledge, persistence, and something beyond definition. It lingered as the possible title for a collaborative project. 

Where it is, there it is has been initiated by artists Liam Jolly and Rosanna Martin and was the first exhibition in Liam’s new project space, an old auction room near the train station in Redruth.

Participants in all the Cornwall Workshops held since 2011 are invited to contribute and each week a guest will respond to the material submitted. Where it is, there it is will present a range of things – some art, some not.

Follow the project on instagram here.


The Cornwall Workshop is a residential workshop for artists, curators and writers based in Cornwall and the South West, hosted at Kestle Barton on the Lizard peninsula. The first Cornwall Workshop was held in October 2011, the second in October 2013, the third in March 2016 and the fourth in October 2017. 

The Cornwall Workshop provides a space for discussion, debate and the sharing of ideas around producing, exhibiting and experiencing art. The 2017 workshop was led by acclaimed artist Christina Mackie and explored ideas suggested by her interests and work. It also generated ‘wanderings and conversations’ that contributed to the development of the Groundwork programme.


Participating artists:

Allistar Gall / Ben Sanderson / Bettina Wenzel / Bo Lanyon / Chris Fite-Wassilak / Christina Mackie / David Anthony Paton / Gemma Anderson Gina Buenfeld / Jesse Leroy Smith /Kate Strain / Katie Schwab / Kyra Norman / Liam Jolly / Maud Hewlings / Morten Kvamme / Naomi Frears Neil Hamon / Nick Davies / Nicola Bealing / Nina Royle / Polly Gregson

Richard Broomhall / Richard Wentworth / Rosanna Martin  / Samuel Saelemakers / Simon Bayliss / Simon Starling / Stephen Polglase

Tabatha Andrews

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